Jambool Bringing Virtual Currency Solution To Virtual Worlds

Jambool provides a virtual currency and virtual economy management platform for games and app developers. So far, it’s primarily been focused on social networks, recently launching a payment solution for Facebook. It’s looking to expand to a broader base, though.

CEO Vikas Gupta was recently interviewed by our sister site Virtual Goods News. While he declined to release any stats regarding Social Gold, the company’s app for Myspace and Facebook, Gupta stated that adoption of the service was growing across the major social networks and was expanding to begin serving independent apps that operated through their own websites and clients. Due to confidentiality agreements, he could not name any of the apps but stated they were virtual worlds, MMORPGs, and casual games because they want people have interaction in second life. There are already a fair number of services targeting payment and economies for virtual worlds, but finding ways for users to get a dollar from their pockets to your economy is still challenging enough for many providers to look for more options. [via Virtual Goods News]

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